The Cutest Thing Contest

First of all, I did not like Facebook Contests. But now, I’m in one of them. :/

But this is different. I didn’t ask to like the page, I just ask for votes (LAME. I know. =P)

It’s a Churpchurp 2GB flash drive that made me crazy.

And this is the photo I submitted.

Many thanks to the one who chose this photo for me, the one who took this photo, the one who let me go Korea, and everyone who voted me.

Most of all, many thanks to everyone who helped me promote on Facebook! You guys are ANGELS! They actually put in more effort than me!

I was upset because I couldn’t see who voted, because I wanted to thank them individually when the contest ends! Because everyone counts.

You know when people say “it’s nothing, just a click.”, or “it’s ok..”, it is still effort by spending time clicking into the link and vote.

I thought the chances of winning was so slim until my aunt Hani started to tag all my relatives and her friends. And then my friend Kelly.

It’s like the most important thing to me at the moment to a point the first question my  mother asked everyday when I come back from work was “So, what’s your ranking today?”.

Even her conversation with Aunt Hani nowadays is “who else can help her?” =O

And then, I became one of the top 5.

I received the mail on 9th June 2011 6.23pm

Anyway, I found a pro in these kind of contests — It connects people.

Because I did not like to just post and re-post asking people to vote for me, I actually spent some time talking to people before asking for their favor. You know how sometimes we don’t talk to friends on Facebook for years.

And at last, I won The Cutest Thing Contest!

I had the second most votes!

Many thanks to all of you who have helped!

Email from Churpchurp


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