A call from Singapore

I got a call at 10.45am.

“Hello, is this Michelle?” The voice said.

“Yes, this is..” I replied, without asking who she is, because I recognized her voice.

“Are you still sleeping?” She asked.

“No, I’m not…” I lied.

“Or did you just wake up?” She asked again.

To avoid more questions, and the fact I was indeed still sleeping, I replied, “Yes.”

And then she continued with more questions, that made me even more nervous. I have been expecting this call since May.


“I’m calling to inform you that…” and my heart was beating so fast.

“… your work permit has been approved and…” in my heart was like, could you please talk faster?

“… you have passed your medical examination.”


My heart stopped. And it yelled “HOORAY!”


The fact that I’ve been waiting for so long and a call from the HR department, I could officially announce that, I am employed! =)


And there’s a list of people who I’d like to thank.

First of all, my supportive family, especially my parents. Even though dad did not agree to this job, he showed his support. He had never lose his temper when listened to my stories. My dad will always be my super dad. As for mom, she decided to tolerate. From many years of observation, I could almost conclude that woman, a.k.a mothers, could always influence family decisions. And my mom, who always put family as her priority, always make the best decisions for us.

While most people thought the middle child has less privilege, it does not apply to my family. I have the most wonderful siblings in the world. I just wanna let the both of you know how proud I am to be called your sister.  I know both of you are going to make mom and dad proud.


There’s also a group of people who I’d like to thank, and you know who you are. I could not be more grateful to have you guys in my life listening to my endless rambles, showing support, and all your well wishes. Thank you a million times! Can’t wait to share more interesting stories with you all in the future! =)


P/s: A huge thank you to uncle Ling and aunt Debi to have my accommodation sorted out, even before I step foot in Singapore.


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