Happy Winter Solstice.. πŸ™‚


This is the first year I don’t celebrate Winter Solstice at home.. Yea, I think so..

Most of the years, in fact, every year, I celebrated this day at home.. making the tangyuan.. with mom and bro and sis.. at kitchen.. around 10pm? While waiting for dad to come upstairs.. so that we can eat when the clock shows 12am? πŸ™‚

And the tangyuan was always colorful.. πŸ˜€

You know? It’s really happy to see colorful tangyuan because the color itself can make you very happy before you even need to eat them.. πŸ˜› The color satisfies your eyes.. πŸ˜›

So, this year.. I spent my day, at school, or rather, training center.. with batchies.. πŸ™‚


It was a simple day.. Went home after class, dinner, and tangyuan as dessert!

No tangyuan making, no colorful tangyuan.. but at least, still got tangyuan.. πŸ˜›


*Mom even suggested me to eat something ’round round’ if i can’t find tangyuan.. Hahaha.. πŸ˜› Cute mommy.. :P*

And it’s the first time to eat tangyuan with cousins! β™₯ (I do miss eating tangyuan with dad, mom, gor and sis too.. :P)


Aunt suggested me to share more about the Chinese culture.. I just hope I didn’t give the wrong information like.. Like.. One has to eat the number of tangyuan according to one’s age? =D


*Thanks Kim for bringing me to buy tangyuan! :D*

*Thanks to Aunt Matilde! It was the first time for her to cook tangyuan, and I think she got most of the ingredient right! :D*

*Thanks mom for tagging me in the home tangyuan.. :D*


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