First solo to London

February is coming to an end.. there goes my favorite month of the year.. possibly.. but hopefully not! 😛

There has been so many good moments in February 2012..

The CNY, the 1st month flying, the good roster, the perfect V-day, the look-out-for-gift-mission and mission-completed-by-dearest-sister moment.. Everything was so perfect. 🙂

Just came back from London yesterday. 🙂

It was chilling, but I still love it there *I don’t take cold very well.. :(*..

It is modern but classy..

It is crowded but peace..

It is expansive but cheap..

Love the city, love the shops, love everything I saw in London.. 🙂

“London has so much to see, could never get bored with London!”

Couldn’t agree with this statement more.. Really need to prepare a places-to-go list for London, in fact, I had already started my list in London! Hah.. 😛

So now, I have been to few attractions in London: Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and London Bridge (well, LB isn’t really an attraction, is it?), Oxford street (more to shopping district la.. :P).. Am definitely going back to some of these places again.. with someone special. 🙂

Big Ben

London Eye.

Am really grateful that got roster-ed with batchgirl on the same flight, to LHR.. 🙂 Special thanks to her, who was willing to go sight-seeing with me although sight-seeing was her last option.. 😛 Am really grateful that we were roster on the same flight! ♥

The 4days pattern is almost perfect, just, couldn’t meet up with Hong.. 😦


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