Do not know how to start this post.
Saying hello or asking how are you doing is just wrong.
Knowing the fact you will never have a chance to read this, ever.
What a news to receive, at 12pm (GMT +4 @ Moscow).
Thanks for sharing the news, Bing Jie.

It was, a sudden.
Cause the last time I heard about you was you were suppose to discharge on Tuesday. No more follow up till, today.
I just couldn’t stand the fact that while you were struggling and suffering at one part of the world and I was enjoying my Moscow circus or happily posting photos on Instagram at the other part of the world. I’m sorry.

Remembering the last time I saw you, I was to take bus back to Singapore.
Sorry for being dilly dally or else we could stay for a little while longer.
And that time I asked what do you like to eat and I shall buy for you when you recover.
And the promise to visit you the next time I go back to Malaysia.

Even though we don’t see each other often, like once a year, but I always remember you bought me color pencils when I was a kid. You were one of the prettiest cousin of mine. You were very kind hearted and always seemed to be the happy one.
And in this recent incident, you were one of the bravest cousin of mine.

At least the man you loved was with you.
Rest in peace, Wei Jie.


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