Walking around Singapore with Hong

It was a day out with Hong, touring Singapore.

To be honest, I haven’t really see Singapore, even though I’m here for.. more than a year.


We met at Bugis for lunch, walked on Bugis Street, visited Kwan Yin temple, before headed to City Hall. From City Hall MRT, we walked to Merlion Park, took beautiful photos along the way, until we reached Raffles City, and took more photos.

We decided to have dinner at Song Fatt Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay, where we tasted the Singaporean-style bak kut teh, instead of my preferred Malaysian-style bak kut teh.

After dinner, we headed Orchard road because it’s almost Christmas and the decoration at Orchard road is normally so beautiful. They have this large purple Christmas tree this year, where people could walk in, but we didn’t. The queue was long.


This post was initially created more like a reporting style. Just recording places we have been to. However, it’s being edited so that it’s easier to read and doesn’t sound so repertory.


Side note to Hong:-

I just love how we don’t get tired talking to each other, like auto-update is on. No courtesy talking need, just say whatever that come across our mind. It might be the beauty of distance, or it might simply be our relationship as such, no excessive word to be said yet we understand, even we have not been talking to each other for the longest time. And if my calculation is correct, it’s been 10 years. Time flies, and you are aging! =D

If I would have to list down the most wonderful things in my life, I assure you, you will not be the first, but you will definitely be somewhere around the top of the list.

Thank you, Hong.




Photo taken and edited by Hong.


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