Today, a friend posted on Facebook: It has finally coming to its last episode.

It is a dream that once chased by a group of friend.


Like everything else, it started with nothing.

Second year, some newbie, some left.

Third year, the year that I joined.

Forth year, things got more organized. Again, some newbie, some left.

Fifth year, it was the best year for everyone. Things were still a little messy, but we were happy together. For a period of time, nothing comes before the dream.

Sixth year, we’ve got the experience we needed. Everyone was confident with  what they are doing.

Seventh year, the pioneer batch decided to newbies are mature enough to take over. Life goes on.

I did not see it for myself on the eighth and ninth year.

And now, tenth year, the final episode.


Sometimes I wonder, what makes people stay or leave?

Well, the answer was obvious, because they want to.

But, wasn’t this once a dream of yours?

Or people finally realize that a dream is always a dream, it could not be reality.


Anyway, salute to those who stayed.



If you can dream it, you can do it. – WaltDisney



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