It’s a good day

12 May 13 = Dad’s birthday and Mother’s Day.


I’m so glad that both of them agreed to come Taiwan with me.

Dad and mom would tell people that their daughter is bringing them travel, but I would say it’s my parents accompanying me travel.


I feel so blessed that everything is falling into places. Got to COF just few days before the trip. Itinerary all planned by tour guide. Mommy got the currency settled. The sudden change of plan didn’t spoil dad’s mood. Got to meet Grace Wong finally.. A small surprise for dad and mom.. 🙂 Life is so good. I am so lucky. 🙂

The thing I enjoyed most so far, except for making fun of dad :P, is to watch dad and om holding hands, walked together. It’s so sweet and heartwarming to see them helping each other. Dad supported mom on slippery roads, mom helped dad to carry stuffs… All those small little things, are beautiful.

Mom may not have everything I think she deserved, and dad too, but they have each other to hold on to since 20 over years ago, and they are still holding each other tight, supportive to each other. Isn’t that the kind of happiness two kind souls deserve? And I’m so glad they found eachtoerh.

Time flies. It’s the fifth day of our trip. And 5 more days to go. I hope dad and mom continue to enjoy the rest of the trip. May the two of you will be happily together forever. ♥

Happy Birthday to Dad, and Happy Mother’s Day to Mom.



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