Summary of the past 7 days

Here come the last night in Seoul. *feeling excited* and I could finally start writing.


I hate the fact that I need to take so long to start a post. The title, the contents.. And it’s really easy to find that most of my recent posts to start with.. “I dono how or where should I start..” :((


I have been thinking of this post since.. The first day of this trip, approximately, 7 days ago, after I have made the decision of being alone throughout the trip. Work time, work only. After work, just stay alone. Keep myself away from gossiping.. Keep myself away from gossips about me.. Perhaps life will be better. 🙂


For such a long trip.. I have never imagine me being so alone as I, always think myself as a people person. Need to be around people.. Be with people.. But it turned out.. I could survive, without being with people all the time. :))

First leg.. I excused myself from joining the group because I was too tired to rush myself cleaning up and unpacking after one day of work. Went to food court to hunt for food for about half an hour before finally settled down at Korean street food, and had a tofu soup set. Stucked the earpiece in my head the whole time, enjoyed my food and music, alone. 🙂


Tofu soup set. Yum!

Second leg. After checked in.. Same thing.. After cleanup and unpack.. Wanted to clear some of the shopping list item.. But failed miserably. Guess was just too tired to decide. Went to King of Thai and had tomyam soup with rice, and learned that it means a bowlful of button mushroom and 8 prawns. Powerful. Lolz. Dinner settled. Went back room and get some power rest. Slept at 8pm local time! 😀 So day 2 woke up around 6am due to stomach growling? Breakfast time! ;D that is rare but yay! 🙂 googled a bit about best breakfast around the area and found Honey honey and Crepery. 🙂


The colorful menu board makes people happy even before ordering!



My breakfast: Eggs Benedict and hot chocolate.

Then. Walked to the quite-a-distance beauty shop. So proud of myself to understand the address and went without guidance. 🙂 found and finally cleared something from the list. *feeling proud! :)))* the day started quite well! 😉

Game store was the second-to-clear even though it was a pop-up-request. Lolz. Was a bit reluctant at first but.. For sis.. Have to la, right! 😀 and sis provided all the information leh.. If like that also cannot complete, useless la.. 😛 Not just “board game and you go find around thanks” leh.. Haha.. Ignored sis’s reminder of calling the stores first to save all the walking.. And learned the lesson lo! Hahaha.. From the one and only game store in Westfield, to a three-blocks-away Jeffery’s store, then two-blocks-turn-left Target.. I found nothing.. Was just about to give up but thanks to the helpful hotel staff for allowing the call.. Answer from the storekeeper was even more enlightening: “Yes, we have that. Would you like us to keep it aside and wait for you to collect?” Woohoo! Excited! Once again, one should not give up easily ’cause you will never know until you try. :)) Yes sister, the selection of games in that store is pretty huge. You could start listing down your wish list lerr.. 😀




Final stop of the day was Macy’s. Then hide in the room and finished the rest of the series. 😀

Day 3.. Or the following day.. Lost count of the day.. Anyways.. Not important.. Lolz. 😀 Woke up very early again till have to wait for another famous breakfast joint to open. Something new every time.. No more Carl’s junior lor.. Dottie’s is the name. Famous among the local I guess.. Business hour started at 7.30am and when I reached at 7.44am, that place was 80% filled.


My three huge pancakes. Yes. They are huge and yes, I couldn’t finish. 😀 care to share? :S


Then, the forth time entering Seoul in two weeks time, a place I don’t really fancy at first but now I am ok. :)) same thing, checked in dilly dally till the clock shows 10pm. Most of the restaurants were closed. No choice but to go back to the Japanese-Korean restaurant. The seafood-*spawn*-rice was the only thing that interest me, but *try-something-different-bug* hit me again and I tried this:


Then! Finally! 24 solid hours in Seoul. Even Foursquare can’t recommend where to go.. Sienz. Joined a group for the first time.. :)) being ALL-ALONE failed. But Jjimdak must not eat alone.. It’s boring and must order the chicken with bone set.. Lolz.. Go in group is a better idea la har.. 😛

Jjimdak: noodles made from potatoes (please kindly verify the info) and boneless chicken. Spicy level 4 out of 5 for me. But it was fantastic. A must try. Makan! 🙂

I like their plan that after lunch OTOT then I could be alone again and hunting for goods. Met up for ginseng-chicken-garlic-chicken-dinner before rotting in the room again lor. 😀 before I spend all my allowance.. =D

Phew! Ended the seemed to be endless trip. Roller coaster feelings in the past two weeks but.. The rainy days had gone.. It’s a brand new.. Second. 😀 I will just conveniently forget about my stupidities and begin to laugh out berry berry out like nobody’s business. 😀 😀


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