Quarter of a hundred

Quarter of a hundred.

Yes. That’s my age. Officially turned into 1/4 of 100.

My favorite date of the year.

The day where my mother gave birth to me.

Thank you Mother! 😀 and also Father, who made that happened.:D

I always think we should celebrate our birthday with our parents, because it’s they day to show gratitude towards them who brought you to the world, but I didn’t request for birthday leave because I don’t mind working either.

Maybe, I mean, maybe, I had too much school holidays on my birthdays. Those November and December babies.. And some March or May or September babies as well.. Birthday usually means school holiday.. School holidays means sitting at home? Lolz. Anyway, birthday is like another day, just that you get slightly, or extra more attention from the people around you. (:

Thank you fellow friends who wished me. You guys are so kind. 🙂

And 830/833 on 30 Nov 2013. You guys rocks! Thanks for the celebration and my first birthday cake of the year! 🙂

My birthday OOTD: black and white

My birthday meal: Steamboat at  Dollar

Many love and thanks. 😉



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