Less is more

It’s better to be alone than be with the wrong ones.


Well, sounds like island, or self-isolation.. but I believe there will still be people who agree to this, no?

Was told that somebody wanted to join for lunch.. Hmm.. It’s quite rare for a group 4 to join a group of 2 right? CauseΒ usually theΒ small group will join the bigger group? Nevermind, since I was half awake, I just acknowledge to whatever was being told and see how it goes. Not surprisingly, the larger group changed their meeting time to 15 minutes later and I was not informed because I decided to go down on time? Then they took another 10Β to 15 minutes to inquire some info.. Then conveniently ask about the direction to restaurant, just not the restaurant I wanted to go. Well, so who’s the joiner now? Lolz.

Anyway, I am quite impressed with myself for speaking up what I wanted, which is stick to the restaurant I wanted to go initially.. And again, not surprisingly, I went alone. πŸ™‚

Please do not get me wrong, they are not the wrong-ones. Just I am too stubborn to stick with my plans. I could do alone, like what I said. πŸ™‚


Restaurant of the day: Creperie Suzette.

Address: 24, Rue Des Francs Bourgeois, 75000 Paris, France.

Opening Hours: unknown


You could easily get the info online, as there are quite a few good reviews about the restaurant. However, it could be a little tricky to findΒ it if you have not pay enough attention or going there for the first time. Probably it’s because of the construction next to the restaurant also..

So, my Creperies Suzette experience. It’s a pretty small restaurant. Reached there around 3pm, not crowded. Good for non French speaking like me.. They have English menu. Some main courses, salad, crepe, dessert, and beverage.

I tried the Henriette, which is the ham, tomato, egg, Edam cheese, basil. Salad was fresh and I love the dressing, vinaigrette base.


There were also feedback about the service. Probably because it’s not the peak hour and the server has more time to attend to diners.. I find the service was not too bad.. At least they still keep their smile while serving! πŸ˜‰


The server politely waited me to finish my meal before offering the dessert, like many other restaurants. πŸ™‚ so my tried the crepe. (:

Total spending: €14.

Ok. I would come back for other flavor and the coffee, some other time. πŸ™‚

Not forgetting. A selfie! πŸ™‚



Small thought: being alone means more time to think, and to observe. And I notice most in the service line has pretty good situational awareness.. With exception of some blur ones.. Lolz.

Servers are trained too well to profile their customers.. I mean, with a quick scan they could probably guessed what the customers need.. It’s just a matter of they know or the pretend not to know. Hmm. I am guilty of pretending, sometimes.. πŸ˜› but be fair to the server la.. They are only equipped with one pair of hands and ears to work and to listen. So they would really appreciate a little more time is given to them before they could response to the requests? They will come to you eventually. πŸ˜‰


And so, I found new mission: food hunting! πŸ™‚

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