First quarter of 2014

And the first quarter of the year had been very kind yet busy to me.

Planned and unplanned schedule went equivalently smooth.. Relationship with people getting better (Even though.. The princess symptom, 俗称公主病 still very strong.. 😛 but that means I met lots of kind people! :)).. My forever-seems-busy-life.. Last-minute-batch-trip.. LASIK op.. The 10th T•XK The Legend.. Completed 3 big projects in one 13 days annual leave.. (Huh.. Now only I realized my next annual leave is 9 months later.. *cries*)

Summary of batch trip:

Didn’t expect much from the trip.. It was like totally last minute.. But dear Winston got everything arranged.. The accommodation.. The transport.. The places to shop.. The massage.. Dear Kim’s two days breakfast.. Dear Ivy’s.. Dono what la.. Lolz.. But they all are mature enough to stand traveling with me.. Lolz!! We should do it more often! Like.. Once a year. Hahahaha hahahaha. 😛 love you guys batchies! Woohoo! ❤

Summary of LASIK:

First time signing up operation for myself.. The operation was fast but still in recovering process.. Didn’t follow to doc’s post op instruction closely.. But.. Will try to follow as close as possible la.. Lolz. It was.. A little different from wearing spec.. But I can’t tell the difference.. Hmm..

Summary of 10th T•XK:

I am very glad I made the decision to attend the camp. Brought back lots of beautiful memories. Tiring but worthy. From strangers to friends.. From friends to close friends.. (: and to have the solid almost 4 days of memories of us working together as a team making impossible possible and a memory that could not be duplicate.. 😉 the 10th T•XK that belongs to us. 😉 thank you, everyone who made it happen, especially Mr Beh KoCun, Mr Welen Ho, Mr Ng WeiYam, Mr Marvyn Chua, Mr HuaZai, Mr Ray Ma. 😉 *many many likes!!!*

There goes my 13 days. Not 12 not 14 but 13 days. Huh. And it’s time to focus. Focus on, things that I should be focusing. 🙂

Someone say the face a bit big.. Ask me to take photo from top angle + some 45 degree. Well, I don’t really care what you think. =D


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