It was a normal reporting day, I bumped into a batchboy. Talked till almost minus 20minutes, I went into the briefing room. I can’t remember vividly but yeah, I think there is this man sitting one corner, the remote control corner.

Greeted everyone, I went to my corner. It was a normal reporting day.

Boarded the a/c, I was working in the same zone with this man, and while he was waiting for his supplies to be loaded, he helped with my all duties, like literally, all of my duties: the menu, magazines, towels.

It was another normal working day, but it was my lucky day, to get to work with this man in the same zone, sat next to each other for TTOL. (:

Then, first sector down. It was layover time, this man gave up his rest and relax time during the layover in London, to help me with my revision. We didn’t rest after the 14 hours flight (preparation for flight + reporting time + landing duties + talking in the bus for +/- 45mins in the bus are not included). We went to Duck and Waffle to have breakfast instead.

After a satisfying and pricey breakfast, we decided to take a short rest before the tuition. Short rest means, rest all the way till dark. Lolz.

After e short yet power rest, we grab a late dinner + early supper, and finally, the tuition started.

I just don’t know how this man made the tuition session so funny and full of laughter.

Next day, was supposed to be another rest and relax day for him, hunting for food he likes or doing nothing. This man chose to bring me to the usual crew joint and have lunch. [Did you just need a meal-partner or you do not wanna see me starve? Lolz.]

And then we found out we have this common friend. A group chat created, with his initial but didn’t know until like, two days later. 😛

Lunch done, revision continued. This man was there accompanying me all the time, although he was watching funny stand up comedy videos, he checked on me from time to time making sure I did not over stress myself. The revision ended with a one and a half hour stand up comedy video. 🙂

We didn’t work together on the return sector, but he came to our zone to help. Or to see me? Lolz.

Back to base, we shared transport, this man dropped me off first, AND help me unloading my cargo bag. I really do appreciate that, even though that was the lightest my cargo bag could be. The rest of the time is crazy.

Unpacked and rested. I forgot how and why but we decided to meet for dinner. We headed Starbucks for coffee and catch up with our common friend. He still couldn’t decide whether to go back hometown or stay.

Tired but not too tired, we decided to go home because it was past midnight and I have an early reporting tomorrow. The night ended, so we thought.

I am not sure whether is it the horoscope thing but we are quite crazy. This man said he would come over if I would come out. We ended up talking whole night as if there is no reporting the next morning.

Next day, busiest light load ever. Sometimes I would really rather have a full load so I know where the tiredness comes from. Anyway, the same man, who likes to cook, instead of going back to hometown, went market to buy ingredients so that I could get a taste of home cooked soup after my long working day. You have no idea how sweet the soup was.

And finally my official day off and his second day off, we went market together for the first time because this man wants to make Sarawak laksa for me. (: the preparation took the entire day. This man only uses good ingredients when he cooks and he takes care of every single detail of his cooking. The laksa was perfect. (:

Yesterday, my annual leave for the exam but he has a night reporting. This man woke up 6.45am just to send me to the exam hall and waited for more than 3 hours for me to finish. He kissed my forehead and wished me good luck. He told me not to give up easily. He told me to just do my best. And that was how I survived that 3 hours.

We then took a 73minutes bus ride to go back. You could see he could go concuss anytime due to the tiredness, but this man spent the first 30minutes telling me jokes.

This man never fails to make me laugh ever since the day I know him. It was like, 8 days ago? But he said he knew me for about 2 years. Yeah, we met 2 years ago, talked about something but I cannot recall at all. Lolz. But this man remembered. I think I just met the man who I could trust him with the rest of my life.

Thank you, ANK. 🙂


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