Counting down, 22 days, to hell.

Or. 23 days to heaven.

Lol. Only difference by one day, from hell to heaven.

He said, hope you will gain a little more knowledge when you wake up tomorrow.

Someone told me, it doesn’t matter how much you have improved, but make sure you are improving.

Guess this back to basic, everyday is a learning day.

So that you could proudly tell yourself, I have become a better person today, than yesterday.

While everyone asked me to relax, take a break, don’t stressed out, there will be one person who push me to study, because he believe that I will be able to do it, if I wanted to.

Thank you but no because it’s real stressful?

I really wish you were right, and as much as i wish to believe that I could do it.. Well, we can only know say 2 months later, after the result is out.

Hmm. Just need to put in extra effort in the next 20 days, then life will be good for one month, or so.

Theng Theng jia you ba. (=


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