悠闲的星期日下午,几乎可以忘掉晚上的Reporting。 =D

不知道是它选择了我,还是我选择了它,反正我就对这数字组合非常喜欢。 =)





无论如何,感激您们兩佬26年以来的抚养,栽培,教导,关心,宠爱,从出世的那一刻就陪伴着我。 =)



谢谢!! ❤



今天,我只做我喜欢做的事! =)





在想,真正在乎你的人,就会记得跟你一起发生过的生活细节,反正写和说的人不需要刻意,读和听的人就会听出当中的甜。 =)


大家幸福快乐。 =)

The first part was completed two days ago, so maybe I’ll just add on a little to complete the post. =D

Saw this on Facebook: Generally, talking to yourself is sign of high intelligence.

So does blogging counts? =D since you need inspiration to write, even though half of the post didn’t seemed to make sense! =D


Current location: London.

Weather: cold and the sun set at 3.55pm today. :/

So life has treated me quite well, London for birthday this year.. even though it’s without you. Owh, my previous two London were with you! =( neh-mind. At least we had Burger and Lobster and duck rice and The Muffin Man! =) so I could save a little on this trip and sleep a little more! Lolz. =)

Erm. I said I could write a novel, but I didn’t. Hahaha. I was too lazy. =P plus, there was nothing to inspire me except for the gloomy weather and the cosy bed.

I would like to thank everyone who wished me on my birthday! Thank you!! =) I hope I replied all of your messages and all the best to everyone of you too! I wish all of you happiness not only on your birthday but everyday of your life. (= though it’s not birthday month anymore but we could still continue the celebration? Hahahaha. There are always reasons to celebrate! =D

Well. Brain is a little stuck now and couldn’t continue anymore. Lolz. Good night and sweet dreams everyone! Be happy always! =) and thank you once again! =)


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