There is a story behind every smile. (And I thought I posted something similar before).

Correction. There is a story that you will never know behind every smile.

As that is a life you didn’t not live through.

As people only see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that, everyone has a life and you are already too busy living your life and how could you live the other person’s life but that’s exactly the point too. You are so busy with your life so it is unfair to say that you can understand another person’s life. Period.



So, this is the 4th time I enter this post to edit before I could complete it. (I hope I could complete it this time). It’s either I was not inspired, or I am getting weaker and weaker in expressing myself.

Smile. Yes. I was saying there is a story behind every smile.

Cause every time when I see you smiling, I kinda see a story behind it.

It used to be happy ones, but it changed recently.

I know why but I don’t really know why.

Like I briefly know why but I don’t know exactly.

I do not wanna ask because you will tell if you want to.

There are already million things in your mind and I do not wanna add another one.

I just wanna let you know, that don’t worry, I’ll be here.

I might not know but I know you’ve already done everything you could.

Cause you will not give anything except for your best.

It’s okay to be tired and it’s okay to wanna take a break.

It’s okay to do only what you could and leave the rest to others. Because even superman need to sleep. Let some other save the day while you recuperate.

Because we are only human and it’s just too much for one to bare.

Because you deserved to be happy.



Smile. Because you look so cute when you do.

Laugh, only when you feel happy.

I really really do like to see you smile, and knowing the story behind your smile is a happy one.



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