The Power of Ice-Cream

Things that I’m grateful for today:

1. My love gently removed my hair clip he saw me asleep, which did woke me up a little but I fell back asleep again shortly after with a smile on my face. He is such a sweetheart who does big and small things that shows his love towards me. #love

2. After being reminded few times that it’s totally fine to charge my phone when it shows less than 20%, I did not do accordingly due to laziness or procrastination. So my love did it for me, and I woke up to a fully charged phone.

3. I read somewhere about “start your day by telling yourself it’s gonna be a good one” or something similar. I tried this morning to find out, this works MAGICALLY. The key is to treat the way how he wants to be treated, not the way you thought how he wants to be treated.

4. So I managed to accomplish something I wanted to accomplish two days ago. Although it’s 2 days late, but I’m glad I did it. Start with a plan and try to accomplish it. Having a plan is good. Accomplishing it is even better. Even for a plan as small as making cinnamon croutons.

5. My love accompany me lunch despite his tiredness after early reporting and lack of rest the night before. He did this for me, and I love to be that reason. =)

6. The load is super comfortable as well as the people I worked with. Amazing!

7. Ms Biew asekd me ‘What/who inspired your change?’ she asked, and without thinking too much, I answered ‘him’. Thank you for showing and reminding me that we could be a better person. Not forgetting my open-minded and supportive parents. Dad and mom embrace differences so we could be ourselves as long as we are doing the right things. Cheers! To the wonderful people around me! ❀

I wanted to make this a list of 10 but then I thought, there is no need to because this is not homework nor competition. The hyper mode has become charging mode. Need to recharge for another awesome day ahead!

I am really grateful for what is given to me and what I have. This may sound repetitive but I mean it. I will learn to appreciate everything even more regardless what size it might be, because everything is worth being grateful for if it does make someone happy. =)


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