Travel: Less is more

It’s better to be alone than be with the wrong ones.


Well, sounds like island, or self-isolation.. but I believe there will still be people who agree to this, no?

Was told that somebody wanted to join for lunch.. Hmm.. It’s quite rare for a group 4 to join a group of 2 right? Cause usually the small group will join the bigger group? Nevermind, since I was half awake, I just acknowledge to whatever was being told and see how it goes. Not surprisingly, the larger group changed their meeting time to 15 minutes later and I was not informed because I decided to go down on time? Then they took another 10 to 15 minutes to inquire some info.. Then conveniently ask about the direction to restaurant, just not the restaurant I wanted to go. Well, so who’s the joiner now? Lolz.

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Travel: Quarter of a hundred

Quarter of a hundred.

Yes. That’s my age. Officially turned into 1/4 of 100.

My favorite date of the year.

The day where my mother gave birth to me.

Thank you Mother! 😀 and also Father, who made that happened.:D

I always think we should celebrate our birthday with our parents, because it’s they day to show gratitude towards them who brought you to the world, but I didn’t request for birthday leave because I don’t mind working either.

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Travel: 布鲁塞尔,比利时


*只小睡了两个小时,脑袋很不灵活… ˊ_>ˋ 还有两个小时就checkout了*

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Travel: Summary of the past 7 days

Here come the last night in Seoul. *feeling excited* and I could finally start writing.


I hate the fact that I need to take so long to start a post. The title, the contents.. And it’s really easy to find that most of my recent posts to start with.. “I dono how or where should I start..” :((


I have been thinking of this post since.. The first day of this trip, approximately, 7 days ago, after I have made the decision of being alone throughout the trip. Work time, work only. After work, just stay alone. Keep myself away from gossiping.. Keep myself away from gossips about me.. Perhaps life will be better. 🙂


For such a long trip.. I have never imagine me being so alone as I, always think myself as a people person. Need to be around people.. Be with people.. But it turned out.. I could survive, without being with people all the time. :))

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