Today’s learn

So I’ve just found out I have about 20minutes to write before I reach Milan Malpensa Airport.

The initial plan was to do it like a self conscious streamline on my Moleskine limited edition Beauty A5 lined notebook, but the bus ride is a little too bumpy to do so, so here I am.

I always say I don’t know how to begin but I always end up with long winded introduction.

I was suppose to finish my Girls’ trip to Milan day 3 and final draft this morning. Then I felt like I was just telling stories of what happened on day 3. It was a good trip, a good day 3, but do I need to tell a story on what happened? What do I get from it? Will I come back and read that someday to remind me what happened? How does that improve my life quality? I know I wasn’t writing for my readers, which I don’t think there’s any, honestly, I was writing it for myself. But, why was I writing it when I couldn’t answer the above questions? Was I writing for the sake of writing? Or was I writing so I could mark of the task on my to-do list? I’m confused.

I went thru some photos of that trip, reminded me I should plan another trip to bring mom and sister. We should have more girls time together. Photos or not, blog post or not, I guess is the memories of spending quality time that matters. The memories will be ours, no one else. That is what matters.

With that, I’ll still complete my post, well, just in case I want to have something to look back. But I will constantly remind myself the purpose of me writing, a memory for myself (and mom and sis if they would like to read), and that’s it.

I used to write more spontaneously, what changed?

Is the idea of being presentable (so-called) that looks good on instagram and facebook, try to make things as ‘perfect’ as possible, then I saw this video called Done is better than perfect. Start before you are ready! by Aileen Xu, or her YouTube name Lavendaire. So it reminds me why am I being inconsistent in getting things done. Being a (occasional) perfectionist, sometimes I like to make things perfect and sometimes I just don’t. And when I don’t, probably I’ll get things done quicker. The result might not be the one I’ll be proud of, but I’ve got things done, rather than keep thinking I must make sure everything is perfect. And what I could do is to review my result and learn how to make things better (just like when I’m experimenting with my bullet journal). But that doesn’t mean I’m not giving out my best, that is actually the best I could do at that point of time, with the limited resources I have at the moment.

So yeah, that’s my learn for today. My 20 minutes is up. I’m gonna label this post as another today’s learn. After all, life is a learning process. We learn from everyone and we learn everyday. Keep an open mind and keep learning!


Fashion mistakes and tips by Miss Louie

Ever since I’ve started my capsule wardrobe, I had been looking up for articles and videos about how to choose the ‘perfect‘ pieces for my wardrobe. As far as fashion is concerned, there’s no ‘perfect’ pieces because, well, trend comes and goes and it might still come back a few years later.

Instead of shopping blindly, or rather having only the very basics in my wardrobe, I needed guidance on finding my style and how to shop for my wardrobe. Then I came across Miss Louie, a fashion blogger/ YouTuber’s channel. I like her fashion style the moment I saw her and started to pick up tips and tricks on fashion. She does videos like fashion hauls, ideas for capsule wardrobes, seasonal lookbooks and bullet journal (something I’m very into as well).

Here are some tips she shared.

Fashion Mistakes and Tips by Miss Louie

  • DON’T go sales crazy
    • Evaluate your closet and create a wishlist before shopping to get only stuff that you really need.

“Even though it’s on sales, it doesn’t worth anything if you don’t actually need it” – Miss Louie

  • Don’t buy things that DON’T FIT you
    • Know your body (and style) and know what makes you feel best/ comfortable.
  • Don’t buy into every trend
    • Hanger test: everytime you wear a piece, put the hanger backwards, it represents the style that you are gravitate to and things that you are going to wear. It helps when you review your style.
    • Get one or two pieces of trendy pieces if you do want to try out a certain trend, and see how often you’d go to those pieces. Decide if you really do like the style and how to incorporate them into your closet.
  • Know your POWER COLORS
    • Observe the color you tend to wear MOST OFTEN (colors that have almost never appeared in your closet probably means they aren’t your favorite colors to wear and most likely you won’t be wearing even if you have them)
    • Harmonize the color scheme in your closet and allow them to mix and  match better.
  • Buy things that are VERSATILE
    • Go for item that can be integrated into 3 or 4 different outfits or looks that you ALREADY have in your closet.
    • Ask yourself if that piece can be worn in different ways.

Do check out Miss Louie on YouTube if you find the tips useful! That’s all I have for today, till them!


Building My Capsule Wardrobe

I came across the concept of capsule wardrobe recently and decided I would create one. Or maybe three, for a few reasons. First is the nature of my job. I travel all the time (from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere) where the season changes almost every subsequent day, and I need to get outfits for all seasons ready. I can’t rotate my clothes once every 3 months hence I created the second closet.

Secondly, I have more than one closet, literally more than one physical closet. I am currently not staying with my parents. So instead of moving my clothes here and there all the time (I do visit them few days monthly, sometimes it could be up to a week), I decide that I will just create another one so I have something to wear whenever I am visiting. And that was the birth of my third closet.

To create these closets, the first step was to clear things that I’m no longer wearing. I do clean up my closet every year and this is by far the biggest cleanup I have ever done. I started by watching a video on how to build a capsule wardrobe by the YouTuber called Use Less. Use Less provides a step-by-step guide on how she created her own wardrobe. She describes her channel as “to inspire women to buy less, choose more carefully and have fun with a systematic and more minimal approach to their wardrobe“, which I totally agreed. I emptied up my closets and divided them into piles. No surprise, even though I have a lot in my NO pile, I still have way too many in my YES pile.

So, I looked for more articles about capsule wardrobe. I referred to The Every Girl and Unfancy, both are fashion and lifestyle bloggers, on choosing the pieces that will go into my closet (Unfancy created a free printable wardrobe planner which I find it very useful in wardrobe planning and understanding your fashion style).

After a final selection, I hung up all the pieces and decided that I would only wear those for the next 3 months (or probably more than 3 months). The first two closets are kind of like a combo of summer and winter wear – I’ll choose pieces that I thought would be suitable for both summer and winter, and expand the category to outerwear and thick outerwear, so I would only need to add layers or thermal underneath my summer wear. add a few categories like I try to make the summer closet suitable for winter as well, by choosing pieces that I could wear layers and thermal underneath and added a few thick jackets), and divided those that weren’t selected into two categories. The first category is clothes that are not being selected but they are still my all time favorite or carry sentimental values. I could go back and rotate my closet if I find myself missing a certain outfit and even choose to replace the one that’s already in the closet once it gets old. The second category is simple – clothes that I’m ready to give away.

Then left my maybe and occasional/ seasonal piles. I divided them into two categories: the first category is pieces that hold sentimental values or pieces that I still see myself wearing. They are now nicely kept in a vacuum sealed bag and sitting in the drawer. I could go back and rotate my closet if I find myself missing a certain outfit and even choose to replace the one that’s already in the closet once it gets old. The second category is simple – clothes that I’m ready to give away.

My current closet is mostly things that I’ve already owned because I’m still finding my style and I do not want to waste more money on purchasing things that I might end up giving away. So yeah, I do not have any picture of the current closet to share now. Maybe someday in the future, when I’ve figured out my style, then I might consider sharing them here.

Yeah, that’s all I have for today. Thank you once again for dropping by! I’ll be sharing more on this topic in the future like why makes me go minimal, things that I’ve learned from going minimal, mistakes I’ve done in the past etc. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Till then!






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