Essence gel nail polish



So let’s start the first post by talking about something simple. This is not like the first FIRST post, rather, if you read my previous post, I came up with this new system for myself, where I do not wanna set a certain format that I must follow and kill the fun for me to share. I just wanna start enjoying posting again, on a regular basis (every Tuesday and Friday, but I forgot to mention, it might be changed to one day earlier or one day later depending on my schedule. So technically it’s a post on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and another post on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Hah!), rather than setting a certain format that even though I enjoy reading, but don’t enjoy doing because most of the time will be spent looking up for facts and details that don’t really bother me. They, those facts and details, might bother me someday, but for now, let’s just get the habit going first.

Phew. So much for an introduction. Let’s go back to the subject: Essence gel nail polish.

I have discovered this brand for about a little more than 6 months now, while I was in Frankfurt. Because I wasn’t that into makeup yet that time, I didn’t always go to the makeup section at DM in Germany, so it just didn’t cross my mind that I wanted to get anything, such as nail polish, from essence.
Due to the requirement of my work, I need to paint my nail polish every so often that I wouldn’t mind trying out new nail polish brands and color. Because we all need that color that compliments the makeup and skintone, the formula that last us for hours of heavy duty without chipping, I shifted from brand to brand. So when I saw this in DM, for the price of less than 2 Euro, which is a lot cheaper than other manicurist favorite brands, even though the size is half of what we get from a normal bottle of nail polish, I went for it.

Firstly, I discovered a few benefits for getting a smaller bottle of nail polish:

1. It’s easier to carry around a.k.a. travel friendly.

2. You could always try out different color because it finishes faster.

3. You do not need nail polish thinner to dissolve the thickened nail polish.

4. And for obvious reason, it is cheaper than the bigger bottles.

And all the above happens in a bottle of nail polish.

The more I paint my nails, the more I realise you do not need a nail polish which could last you for days. OK, maybe a few days. Because even though you do not wanna paint your nail so often, yet the polish itself will loose it’s shine after some time, depending on which top coat you are using. But if you do use hairsprays, perfume and other chemical products daily, then your nail polish color will either become darker or duller, or both. I mean, the whole point of putting on nail polish is to make your nails look polished? Lolz.

It is especially ideal for students who ate not allowed to wear nail polish to attend classes because of its size and its affordable price. An opened bottle of nail polish won’t last so long so it won’t go to wastage of the entire bottle if you only paint your nails once every week or so.

Yup. I think that’s about it for today. The Essence gel nail polish. They have so many colors to choose from and I’m sure you could find at least one that you like!

Till then!




Essence 2 in 1 base & top coat

2in1 Base & Top Coat


2 in 1 base and top coat. Base & top! Ideal as a basis for a smooth color manicure or as a topcoat for long lasting nail art designs. The special multi-functional formula is a true all-rounder. Used as a topcoat, it seals and protects the nails. for best results: Apply one layer as a base coat and another as a topcoat to set the manicure in place. Continue reading