Inspiration: Act of Kindness

As much as I’d like to stick with schedule, it is not easy, for one simple reason, inspiration does not come in schedule. However, it is do-able, I just need to be more committed, and observance (affirmation for myself), and turn things around me into inspiration.

So, today is another work day for me. As I still had a little time to buffer, I went to food court for breakfast before reporting. I don’t normally take lift because the food court is just one level below my office. You know sometimes when you enter a lift that is crowded, like everyone is trying to get from the most bottom level to the highest, then they saw you enter just to travel one level up (or down), the kind of look they give you as if you’ve done something awful (which by the way, I think it’s awful too..). Anyway, it wasn’t crowded today, no, to be precise, a lift arrived right in front of me and everyone was getting out from the lift, and no one was waiting for the lift. So I made a quick decision, to take the lift.

As I walked towards the lift, as I said, everyone was getting out, I saw this old gentleman, pushing his trolley, walked out from the lift, very slowly. He appeared to be frail, that’s why he was walking very slowly, which it seemed like the lift door was shutting right behind him. Then, he turned around to press the lift button, to hold the lift for me. It happened in split second, but it has made an impeccable impression on me, which became the inspiration of this post.

Jeff Bozos, CEO of Amazon said “Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice”. Mark Twain said kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. And there is also this popular saying of the world is full of nice people, it you can’t find one, be one. I’m sure you’ve heard of one of these sayings in your lifetime. However, it takes another level for one to actually do it. And the gentleman did it. It might be something small for him (turning around and press a button), but it was something to me (I might miss the lift and have to wait for another one or take the escalator instead, which of course, not a big deal). What I’m trying to say is, the gesture of this gentleman, shows that kindness is at every corner, and it is up to us to discover, and appreciate it. If we choose to ignore them, the kindness, we will never find one. If a frail gentleman could do that for a stranger like me, could we, the self-claimed able-bodied do more for others? Sure we could. But it is a choice. Being kind is a choice. And it’s the matter of how we choose.

I quickly thanked the gentleman before the lift door shut.

Let me end this post with a quote from AESOP:-

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Thank you for making the world a better place, sir.

Till then!


Love ,



Counting down, 22 days, to hell.

Or. 23 days to heaven.

Lol. Only difference by one day, from hell to heaven.

He said, hope you will gain a little more knowledge when you wake up tomorrow.

Someone told me, it doesn’t matter how much you have improved, but make sure you are improving.

Guess this back to basic, everyday is a learning day.

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It might not be the best flight, but it is definitely one of the flight that I have learned most.


Not only work related.. I mean, if till now.. I am still learning work related things only, my one year 4 months was really.. Wasted.


Time, is something very scary. It passes without you knowing. It makes you forget, the good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter, the positive and the negative.

No matter how wonderful the moment was, time might just slowly erase your memory. No matter how positive a person you are, time might just slowly transform you into a negative person. The scariest part, there is no u-turn.

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话说刚刚看完On Call 36小时II。









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