Uetilberg and Broga Hills

Was in Zurich last week. It is summer time and the weather was so nice for outdoor activities. So Mr. A suggested to go hiking. So we did.

The place we were staying was not near the city, so we took a tram to Zurich Hauptbahnhof and switch to train S10 to Uetilberg. The train ride took us about 30 minutes to reach. We didn’t know there was 2 different trains which for S10, one only serves until Triemli while the other one goes all the way to Uetliberg. So we got down at Triemli and boarded another train to go all the way up to Uetliberg, which wasn’t bad at all, because we got a new learn, and take some photos (will add on more photos after transfer those photos from camera).

As soon as we reached Uetliberg station, we saw a children playground on the right and a staircase that leads to the hiking trail on the left. The trail is definitely beginner (and child) friendly and we reached the top of the hill effortlessly. We could see one side of city view and another side of forest view. It’s like the best of both worlds, simply breathtaking.



Oh ya, there was a small tower that you could go up for a even better view, which we did not go up because you will need to pay CHF2 per person to go pass that revolving door and we did not have coins. So we took photo of the tower itself instead. 😀



And this Monday, we went Broga Hills, Semenyih, Malaysia. It was my second time there but it was the first for Mr. A. I don’t know why we (or just me) like suddenly so into hiking recently? I actually consider this as my first hiking experience together because it is another level of difficulty compare to Uetilberg. We were quite excited the night before and we wanted to go before sunrise (Google said sunrise was 7.04am).

Unfortunately, we did not have the proper gear like headlights for crack of dawn hiking, hence we started hiking only after sunrise. It took us less than an hour to reach the top (I didn’t reach the top at the first time) and the sky seemed like it was going to rain so we decided to call it a day. True enough, it started raining as we were going down and we had to find cover under a tree before we could continue, with many other hikers. The rain stopped approximately 20 minutes later and it just added the difficulty by a little, which wasn’t that bad. Hehehe.

I am liking hiking more and more, as I feel like there are so much more we could learn from it. My favorite learn from this learn is take small steps, and be determined, you will eventually reach your destination.



Till then!








(有一片报道是说李心潔在雲南遇到她生命中最珍貴的小黃花,「我仔細看着小黃花,發覺它們的花瓣是心形的,這些小黃花用它們的花瓣表達對這世界的愛,令我十分感動。」,但是我找不到心形花瓣!下次还真的要近距离研究… 不然,我们说的到底是不是同一个小黄花啊? 哈哈哈哈)

道路之所以变得多一点色彩,是小黄花的小小功劳,为繁忙的道路带来一点点的生命.. 啊不然就是只有汽车和引擎声(最近看太多台湾综艺节目,感觉自己有点在抄他们的说话方式… @@”)。



Life is a subtraction


Translation: Life is a subtraction; the chances of meeting only get lesser and lesser.

There is newborn every day.

But there is also death every day.

It is very easy to talk about life but when it occurs, how would you handle it?

So on this trip from Singapore to London, there was this gentleman, traveling alone.

He was seated on the other aisle, so I didn’t have much chance to serve him.

I’ve only learned about him from Van, my partner, who chatted with him when he came to the snack corner, that he is doing an Asia trip for his wife, who passed away recently. From San Francisco, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, to London, then back to San Francisco. 29 days.

Then, he came to the snack corner for the second time. I went forward, and we started chatting.

I did not ask how. I couldn’t.

Instead, I asked how did they meet.

They were introduced to each other through a friend. It wasn’t loved at the first sight. In fact, they didn’t like each other that much in the beginning. But, you know, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be.

39 years of marriage. They have a daughter who is turning 29 years old this 29th. Apparently, they love to travel. He showed me some photos of her on his phone. From Paris to London. He said his wife loves Hong Kong. They had been staying in HK for years. And they planned to do an Asia trip together.

It was just, perhaps a less than 15 minutes conversation, but it touched both Van and my heart as he was talking. It was nothing fancy but we could feel his love towards his wife. A lot of love. And the love has been increasing every day. He is a proud and happy man whenever he talks about her.

As I’m writing this post, I somehow relate this gentleman with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. His passing is definitely one of the saddest news to the world and videos of Mr. Lee are shared all over the internet. Mr. Lee was not only famous for being a successful politician, he was a loving husband who’d read poems to Mrs. Lee every night despite his tight daily schedule when she was not well. And it all goes down to one reason, LOVE.

Love has no age.

Love has no race.

Love has no rank.

Love has no gender.

And love has no time limit.


Love wholeheartedly.

Love unconditionally.

Love like there is no tomorrow.



It’s called the breakup because it’s broken.

Suddenly remember this phrase, and also a book, that mommy bought for me many many years ago.

Well, not necessarily takes a broken heart to breakup, sometimes, it just has to be.

And everyone takes different length of time to recover. Some could be real fast, some could be real slow. Fast or slow, it’s up to you to define. But no matter how fast or how slow you take, as long as it recovers.

Takes time, it does take time. But tomorrow always come. Tomorrow will always be better. Redefine what you want, make it clear what you are looking for, get a better picture of yourself before learning to love others, that’s life.


Today is the youngest you’re ever going to be, but today is also the oldest you have ever been.

Quote unknown. But very true huh? Forgive the youngest you of today, and learn something as you are the oldest you now.

**Wei Jie jia you. Even though, I doubt you ever read my blog, or even know I have a blog. Ah Theng support you. Jia you. 🙂