Personal: 此刻心情




此刻心情第一段之 我是歌手2…




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Personal: Merry Christmas, 2013

Merry merry Christmas! =)

And so we (Mayu and me) thought our Christmas was, quite eventful.

Thanks for the company dear Mayu. =)

And we’ve learned something very useful: bring Ez-link everywhere you go. =D

Two very interesting facts shared on radio today: the rental Santa and the word ‘selfie’.

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Travel: Less is more

It’s better to be alone than be with the wrong ones.


Well, sounds like island, or self-isolation.. but I believe there will still be people who agree to this, no?

Was told that somebody wanted to join for lunch.. Hmm.. It’s quite rare for a group 4 to join a group of 2 right? Cause usually the small group will join the bigger group? Nevermind, since I was half awake, I just acknowledge to whatever was being told and see how it goes. Not surprisingly, the larger group changed their meeting time to 15 minutes later and I was not informed because I decided to go down on time? Then they took another 10 to 15 minutes to inquire some info.. Then conveniently ask about the direction to restaurant, just not the restaurant I wanted to go. Well, so who’s the joiner now? Lolz.

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Travel: Quarter of a hundred

Quarter of a hundred.

Yes. That’s my age. Officially turned into 1/4 of 100.

My favorite date of the year.

The day where my mother gave birth to me.

Thank you Mother! 😀 and also Father, who made that happened.:D

I always think we should celebrate our birthday with our parents, because it’s they day to show gratitude towards them who brought you to the world, but I didn’t request for birthday leave because I don’t mind working either.

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