Life is more than material.

Ever since I am introduced to the capsule wardrobe idea, I’ve decided I’m going minimal.

Because life is so much more than material.

I mean, the idea of having everything in life is fantastic, like you could have anything within your reach, not worrying about any other thing in the world. The general idea is having a lot of money, where you do not need to worry about the price tag. While money is something, the environmentalist would say the resources that we extract from our environment is another major issue to be concerned. We are being exposed to so much information nowadays. With the Internet, we could always find out what and how a product is being produced. It is no longer some business secret that only the very top few would know. Yet, because it is so easily accessible, it is being taken for granted. We all know we need to take care of our environment because some resources are not renewable or it will take centuries to be renewed, yet we often leave the responsibility to the others as if we owe mother nature no responsibility.

Because the pace of life is so fast, we want everything to be convenient. For example, bottled water. Because it’s more convenient to buy a bottle of water at the store when we are thirsty instead of bringing a bottle from home and carry the weight throughout the day, we created a plastic bottle. Another example, because it’s easier to throw away something than to fix it, we will just consider buying a brand new one. Because somehow our concept of living taught us quality is more important than quantity.

Before me going too far, I do want to say that I am guilty as charged for not being responsible to the environment. I do have a lot of things, material stuff, way more than what I need in my life. Well, probably these things couldn’t last me for life, but you got the idea. And after watching so many videos about a minimalist lifestyle, I have decided I’m becoming one. I have yet to throw away everything I have or stop buying anything, but every time I go shopping I’ll ask myself a few questions like:

  1. Do I already have this?
  2. Do I want or do I need this?
  3. How many times could I use this?
  4. Is it a quality piece?
  5. Is the material friendly to the environment?

I’ll evaluate my answers and if I am not satisfied with them, most likely the item will go back to its rack. Why get something you already have or you don’t need? And if an item is not going to last you for a few uses, you will end up spending more (time looking for a replacement and money for purchasing). And the last question pretty much answered for itself.

So today, I went shopping. I had to get shoe glue and some cotton pad. Shoe glue is obvious, a strap from my sandals came off and I need to glue it back. It is not some fancy sandals but I only used it a few times. It is still in good condition except for the strap. So instead of replacing it with another pair, I chose to repair the strap. In that way, not only do I saved (both time and money), I created less waste. And when I eventually need to replace my sandals, I’ll make sure to remind myself to get a quality pair that could last me longer.


Now cotton pad. As a regular makeup user, I use cotton pads to remove makeup and nail polish. They are something that cannot be recycled. However, I came across this video called Minimalist beauty: tips to make less & better waste by Signe Hansen (YouTube channel Use Less. She shared some of the beauty tools that she has recently discovered and one of it is a reusable cotton pad. So I thought instead of getting disposable cotton pads, I went with a facial sponge.


I’ll check in again after I’ve tested it out.

As for removing nail polish, this is not something new in the beauty world.



Sally Hansen Kwik Off

It’s a nail polish remover that comes with a foam in the tub. Just dip fingers into pre-cut foam, twist and the nail polish should be removed. Quick and easy, and more importantly, no cotton pad required. I’ve tried this with a different brand and it’s pretty convenient. However, my nails break pretty easily using that remover which I’m not sure if it’s the dipping part or the formula itself that makes my nails break. Sally Hansen nail polish remover has been pretty good to me so I’m giving this a try. Ultimately, my main purpose of trying this is to create less cotton pad waste.

That’s the three things I’ve got today. Going minimal is a process and I’m still learning to become one. What I’ve learned from this process so far is, we really don’t need so much material in our lives and we could as well use our resources (time, money, space, effort in looking more material to satisfy our desire for material) on things that could improve our life quality, which material is definitely not all. And I know one of the qualities of going minimal is speaking less. I’ve spoken enough for today. I strongly encourage you to look into this concept and probably review some areas of your life where you could cut out things that you don’t really need. Apparently having lesser material stuff could create a happier life too!



Essence gel nail polish



So let’s start the first post by talking about something simple. This is not like the first FIRST post, rather, if you read my previous post, I came up with this new system for myself, where I do not wanna set a certain format that I must follow and kill the fun for me to share. I just wanna start enjoying posting again, on a regular basis (every Tuesday and Friday, but I forgot to mention, it might be changed to one day earlier or one day later depending on my schedule. So technically it’s a post on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and another post on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Hah!), rather than setting a certain format that even though I enjoy reading, but don’t enjoy doing because most of the time will be spent looking up for facts and details that don’t really bother me. They, those facts and details, might bother me someday, but for now, let’s just get the habit going first.

Phew. So much for an introduction. Let’s go back to the subject: Essence gel nail polish.

I have discovered this brand for about a little more than 6 months now, while I was in Frankfurt. Because I wasn’t that into makeup yet that time, I didn’t always go to the makeup section at DM in Germany, so it just didn’t cross my mind that I wanted to get anything, such as nail polish, from essence.
Due to the requirement of my work, I need to paint my nail polish every so often that I wouldn’t mind trying out new nail polish brands and color. Because we all need that color that compliments the makeup and skintone, the formula that last us for hours of heavy duty without chipping, I shifted from brand to brand. So when I saw this in DM, for the price of less than 2 Euro, which is a lot cheaper than other manicurist favorite brands, even though the size is half of what we get from a normal bottle of nail polish, I went for it.

Firstly, I discovered a few benefits for getting a smaller bottle of nail polish:

1. It’s easier to carry around a.k.a. travel friendly.

2. You could always try out different color because it finishes faster.

3. You do not need nail polish thinner to dissolve the thickened nail polish.

4. And for obvious reason, it is cheaper than the bigger bottles.

And all the above happens in a bottle of nail polish.

The more I paint my nails, the more I realise you do not need a nail polish which could last you for days. OK, maybe a few days. Because even though you do not wanna paint your nail so often, yet the polish itself will loose it’s shine after some time, depending on which top coat you are using. But if you do use hairsprays, perfume and other chemical products daily, then your nail polish color will either become darker or duller, or both. I mean, the whole point of putting on nail polish is to make your nails look polished? Lolz.

It is especially ideal for students who ate not allowed to wear nail polish to attend classes because of its size and its affordable price. An opened bottle of nail polish won’t last so long so it won’t go to wastage of the entire bottle if you only paint your nails once every week or so.

Yup. I think that’s about it for today. The Essence gel nail polish. They have so many colors to choose from and I’m sure you could find at least one that you like!

Till then!





Year 2017 is all about change. We have already see it coming.
From world politics to weather climate, everything is changing. I just did not expect there would be such a drastic change in my personal life as well.

As unpleasant as the change may be, I am glad it happened now rather than later part of life, as I still have the courage and strength to embrace the change. I will forever be indebt to every single one of you who cared and loved me. Thank you for being so supportive and stay with me even till this very moment. I will stand up strong again and shall not disappoint you guys. I can, and I will.

“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.” —Bruce Feirstein

“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.” —Alexander Smith

After all, change is the only constant.


The Power of Ice-Cream

Things that I’m grateful for today:

1. My love gently removed my hair clip he saw me asleep, which did woke me up a little but I fell back asleep again shortly after with a smile on my face. He is such a sweetheart who does big and small things that shows his love towards me. #love

2. After being reminded few times that it’s totally fine to charge my phone when it shows less than 20%, I did not do accordingly due to laziness or procrastination. So my love did it for me, and I woke up to a fully charged phone.

3. I read somewhere about “start your day by telling yourself it’s gonna be a good one” or something similar. I tried this morning to find out, this works MAGICALLY. The key is to treat the way how he wants to be treated, not the way you thought how he wants to be treated.

4. So I managed to accomplish something I wanted to accomplish two days ago. Although it’s 2 days late, but I’m glad I did it. Start with a plan and try to accomplish it. Having a plan is good. Accomplishing it is even better. Even for a plan as small as making cinnamon croutons.

5. My love accompany me lunch despite his tiredness after early reporting and lack of rest the night before. He did this for me, and I love to be that reason. =)

6. The load is super comfortable as well as the people I worked with. Amazing!

7. Ms Biew asekd me ‘What/who inspired your change?’ she asked, and without thinking too much, I answered ‘him’. Thank you for showing and reminding me that we could be a better person. Not forgetting my open-minded and supportive parents. Dad and mom embrace differences so we could be ourselves as long as we are doing the right things. Cheers! To the wonderful people around me! ❤

I wanted to make this a list of 10 but then I thought, there is no need to because this is not homework nor competition. The hyper mode has become charging mode. Need to recharge for another awesome day ahead!

I am really grateful for what is given to me and what I have. This may sound repetitive but I mean it. I will learn to appreciate everything even more regardless what size it might be, because everything is worth being grateful for if it does make someone happy. =)





(有一片报道是说李心潔在雲南遇到她生命中最珍貴的小黃花,「我仔細看着小黃花,發覺它們的花瓣是心形的,這些小黃花用它們的花瓣表達對這世界的愛,令我十分感動。」,但是我找不到心形花瓣!下次还真的要近距离研究… 不然,我们说的到底是不是同一个小黄花啊? 哈哈哈哈)

道路之所以变得多一点色彩,是小黄花的小小功劳,为繁忙的道路带来一点点的生命.. 啊不然就是只有汽车和引擎声(最近看太多台湾综艺节目,感觉自己有点在抄他们的说话方式… @@”)。



Life is a subtraction


Translation: Life is a subtraction; the chances of meeting only get lesser and lesser.

There is newborn every day.

But there is also death every day.

It is very easy to talk about life but when it occurs, how would you handle it?

So on this trip from Singapore to London, there was this gentleman, traveling alone.

He was seated on the other aisle, so I didn’t have much chance to serve him.

I’ve only learned about him from Van, my partner, who chatted with him when he came to the snack corner, that he is doing an Asia trip for his wife, who passed away recently. From San Francisco, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, to London, then back to San Francisco. 29 days.

Then, he came to the snack corner for the second time. I went forward, and we started chatting.

I did not ask how. I couldn’t.

Instead, I asked how did they meet.

They were introduced to each other through a friend. It wasn’t loved at the first sight. In fact, they didn’t like each other that much in the beginning. But, you know, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be.

39 years of marriage. They have a daughter who is turning 29 years old this 29th. Apparently, they love to travel. He showed me some photos of her on his phone. From Paris to London. He said his wife loves Hong Kong. They had been staying in HK for years. And they planned to do an Asia trip together.

It was just, perhaps a less than 15 minutes conversation, but it touched both Van and my heart as he was talking. It was nothing fancy but we could feel his love towards his wife. A lot of love. And the love has been increasing every day. He is a proud and happy man whenever he talks about her.

As I’m writing this post, I somehow relate this gentleman with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. His passing is definitely one of the saddest news to the world and videos of Mr. Lee are shared all over the internet. Mr. Lee was not only famous for being a successful politician, he was a loving husband who’d read poems to Mrs. Lee every night despite his tight daily schedule when she was not well. And it all goes down to one reason, LOVE.

Love has no age.

Love has no race.

Love has no rank.

Love has no gender.

And love has no time limit.


Love wholeheartedly.

Love unconditionally.

Love like there is no tomorrow.





而他,毫不犹豫地回答,因为我想保护你啦… 『不耐烦』



来过巴黎无数次的他,带着来过巴黎数次的我,两个像first solo,重游巴黎圣母院,罗浮宫,爱菲铁塔。




然后,就有爱心 soft boil egg喂到我口中。不好意思,我还真的是被宠坏了。


第一站圣母院。真的只是touch and go,拍了两张照片就,早午餐的crepe,他说带我去一间很好吃的… 但是,嗯… 他又说水准不如以前,今天就索性去寻找好吃的crepe… Lolz!但是,一天可以吃多少次crepe叻… 哈哈哈。

第二站罗浮宫。距离第一站不远,所以只用步行。穿过很多小巷,他凭方向感带我去。结果,他的方向感还真可靠的啦。=) 眼看旅客们都摆着一样的姿势…noob…哈哈哈,我们就小发挥自己的创意,至少看起来跟大部分的旅客不太一样。=D 在Rue De Rivoli [差不多是这个名字] 徘徊一下,找到之前我去过的Angelina,甜品是Mont Blanc。

他说,他 highlight of the day是看我玩团团转时掉下来,还坐在地上假哭,旁边的公公婆婆都转头看,然后笑着走掉。而我,没告诉他,我 highlight of the day 就是看着他每一次真心开心的笑,不管是傻笑,微笑还是大笑。 🙂

第三站,那个爱的坐标,爱菲铁塔。幸运的我们,还看到樱花树,在冷冷的季节里有多一点点的颜色。『唯美』 =) 傻瓜还傻傻的像小孩一样跳起来去採树上的果!哈哈哈,然后,我就知道,弹跳力这种东西讲,真的是天赋,不是每个人都有。哈哈哈。晚餐是超市买的汤,配『一路上有你』。暖暖的汤,加你和我,满满的幸福。『幸福中』




感激这个傻瓜愿意付出他的青春陪我一起成长,用时间和耐性证明他的爱。 =)

我也会用时间和耐性让您好好爱我!哈哈哈哈哈! 『得意』 =)