Be different. Why? Why not? – Babytopaz

Almost started another brand new blog for this topic. As WP does not has a simple key feature to ADD A BLOG to your already existing email account (or maybe I didn’t try hard enough to look, I took the easy way by Google-ing how to add the second blog for WP. The first search result was titled How to Easily Add Two Blogs to a Single WordPress Site by BobWP which I decided I am just going to do this in separate posts after the video played for 3 minutes (I’m sure the video would be helpful because it is showing motion screenshot to guide you through the process). Then, I quickly think to myself, do I need a second blog to do so?

I’ve moved from another blog engine to WP a few months back. And it took me months to screen all of the previous posts that were part of my growing journey. As much as I am learning to live at the present moment, it doesn’t mean I am deleting everything from the past! The title says I Am Different and the very reason I am, is because I am exactly what I am and where I need to be from the past experiences. Complicated enough? So let’s just stay where I am, and not make things more complicated than it already is, by creating another blog, and start everything all over again. I know this is going to be an interesting journey to look back in the future. =)

So. Why do I suddenly feel so strong that I am different? Strong enough to have the urge to create a whole new blog and write everything about it. Well, the reason is, that I know I am.

Be yourself; everyone else is taken. – Oscar Wilde

So, I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, this year is a self-discovery year for me. I am looking for myself so much (as if I have lost myself for so long) that I am doing 52 weeks of Self-Discovery challenge by Page Flutter. It is a challenge where I ask myself (and I asked my closest family to join me) one question every week to understand about myself more. There are no hard and fuss rules or limiting how much (or how little) my answers should be. It is a homework for me, by myself. And I am aware that there is only one benefactor out of this challenge – me. I get to know myself more by answering them truthfully (almost the first answer that comes to my mind) and I choose to write it down in a beautiful journal (I’ll draft my answer in Evernote if my journal is not with me and put it down in the journal later). The reason I am doing so is to be able to flip back to my answers and review my answers in the future. As truthful as the answers are at that very moment of my life, I am sure it will change as time pass. And reviewing is one important process of learning! By reviewing, I could understand the past me more and see the transformation I’ve made and the person I am becoming. So, that’s the Self-Discovery challenge part. I did not come out with the prompts myself, of course, and if you are interested in getting to know yourself more, you may simply look for inspiration on Pinterest or Google and there will be tons of articles about it. Check out my bullet journal that I’ve pinned!

This is the first time for me to share my answer publicly. I’m on Week 9 and this week’s question is ‘if you had a theme song, what would it be?’.

I thought for a moment and answered I Am, by Hilary Duff. I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with this or even have heard of this song. But it definitely gives the idea of who I am. Every word in the lyric speaks me.

What happened next was, it reminded me of a conversation I had with a senior colleague. He was telling me that he has set up a group chat among the senior colleagues (of his rank) and made information sharing so convenient. And I was telling him we do have group chats among ourselves (the junior colleagues of my rank) but more often than not, half of the member in a chat (in one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, now) are the same people due to the limitation of member we can have in a group. So no one can be in ALL of the groups. And we have such a big group that we have a chance to need information or even work with anyone. Although our company does set up a channel for us to share information, there are some restrictions especially the hassle of logging on to company site with few authentication steps. So basically, it was a good channel but not yet an ideal channel. And he introduced me T apps. He said T apps could hold 10k members in a chat, which is more than we ever need.

I had a thought of it but did not take it too seriously at that point of time because I do not know all (not even 20% maybe) of them, plus I don’t think it is ever my responsibility to do so. And I wasn’t if I could bring anyone into a group because it requires people to download new apps and some might find it too much trouble to do so. And I wasn’t sure how the group is going to be like. I even did a small survey among my colleagues to see if anyone would be keen on the idea. I kinda thought too much, for one simple task.

I drafted a long message and start forwarding to a few friends and see if they’d like to join me in this project. Because people need to download the apps FIRST before anything else could be done. And how do I persuade someone who I’ve not met to do something they aren’t comfortable with? I need to get my friends to reach to their friends, and their friends to reach to their friends (you’ve got the idea), to promote the group. But, why would people care? It’s not a paid job so there’s no obligation and there’s nothing much I could do if the chain just died half way. It might end up being a smaller number that doesn’t require T apps in the first place.

And then, I changed my approach. I edited my first draft, instead of talking to my friends in a ‘friend way’, I made it sound more official and listed the benefits of doing so. I created a separated group with the initial 6 friends who bought my idea, with a clean history, copied the link, and shared the draft with 3 (so little) different chat groups shamelessly (I am more of a sleeping member) and waited for the response.

And then, magic happened.

7, 8, 9, 10… 20… 30… 55… 79… 88… 102…

What? It’s already 102?

And the number kept growing.

In less than 3 hours, the number of members in the group exceeded the number of members in a chat group.

What made me happier was people actually appreciate that the group was being created.

Some said, “it’s finally here”.

I wouldn’t expect people to say that but apparently, people did want something to happen and I am not sure why it didn’t. I’m sure most of my colleagues have more contacts of other colleagues but why didn’t anyone initiate it? I still don’t understand why. Maybe because it’s unrewarding (monetary)? Maybe because they didn’t know the key features? Or maybe, just maybe, they are comfortable with what they have and find it unnecessary to change? But it doesn’t bother me much now because I have done what I need to do. To be different. Why? Why not?

Rewards don’t always come in monetary form. It could a sense of satisfaction, or it could be just a simple thank you. Understanding the intention of an action always brings the biggest sense of accomplishment once you have achieved your goal. Goals don’t have to be big but if it does add value to your life (feeling positive by accomplishing things that you thought you couldn’t do), and to others, then that’s all the reasons you need to act.

People have different ways to find satisfaction and mine happened to be keeping my environment organized, which includes my phone. So, again, why not?


The total number of members in the group has exceeded the total numbers of members in the 3 groups I was in previously. Which is a good news because it means I have achieved my goal.

This maybe a random story to share, creating a group chat? Really? But I think it goes beyond that. It is me telling myself that do not be afraid to be different, even if people around you might not agree with it. The biggest success always begins with the craziest idea that NO ONE feels comfortable doing it, and ideas will remain ideas if no action is being taken. First steps are always the hardest. Even second steps. Then the third. But do not stop until you’ve reached your goal. And you will thank yourself later.