Tasks.. done!

Hubby says, “things can be done (completed) if you set achievable targets and you know what your goals are.. Unreasonable targets or not knowing where you want to go ultimately lead to trying to do everything but achieve nothing.” Words. Happy month-sary, Mr Lim.

2022 – the year of CHANGE

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com For many years, I've been saying this year is going to be different, or this is the year of change. Although there was some truth in it, never have I experienced a year like 2022. And it's only February. In fact, so much had changed, and change happened so rapidly,... Continue Reading →


'How do I get my momentum back?' As I ask myself this repeatedly, I am aware that the answer is really to just do it. Perhaps the question should be, if the question has been answered, why am I still asking myself the same question over and over again? Because it is easier to think... Continue Reading →

Loving your job

There's nothing wrong with loving your job. But it should not be at the cost of developing other parts of our life.Ellen Ernst Kossek, a professor at Purdue University, studying work-life boundaries Very well said, indeed. Not forgetting we are living in the midst of a pandemic - though some countries are recognizing the COVID-19... Continue Reading →

One This was only supposed to be a caption, which turned into a mini-blog.Then, I thought, let's make it a blogpost officially. I used to be good in writing long captions (or so I thought) and I really wanted to do it for this one, because this is special. But the longer I think, the... Continue Reading →

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