'How do I get my momentum back?' As I ask myself this repeatedly, I am aware that the answer is really to just do it. Perhaps the question should be, if the question has been answered, why am I still asking myself the same question over and over again? Because it is easier to think... Continue Reading →

Loving your job

There's nothing wrong with loving your job. But it should not be at the cost of developing other parts of our life.Ellen Ernst Kossek, a professor at Purdue University, studying work-life boundaries Very well said, indeed. Not forgetting we are living in the midst of a pandemic - though some countries are recognizing the COVID-19... Continue Reading →

One This was only supposed to be a caption, which turned into a mini-blog.Then, I thought, let's make it a blogpost officially. I used to be good in writing long captions (or so I thought) and I really wanted to do it for this one, because this is special. But the longer I think, the... Continue Reading →

They didn’t know.

Photo from 2017.📸 Huawei P10 Plus by 🙋‍♀️ It was raining cats and dogs this morning. It's a Friday, aka work day. But I managed to reach my workplace, dry, by public transport, without umbrella - there was shelter for my entire route. They didn't know, do they? They didn't know what they have -... Continue Reading →

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