I didn’t know, did I?

You don’t know what you don’t know.

I wasn’t always THAT into climate change or sustainability. Really.

I work in an industry where almost no one talks about being sustainable because the industry itself is deemed unsustainable.
I didn’t understand why “save the planet” or “love earth” appear everywhere in vegetarian restaurants.
I thought as long as I chuck my plastics into the recycling bin then I’m being eco-friendly or an environmentalist – not that I aspire to become one.
I didn’t know about carbon budget, how many years we have left or how many degrees do we need to keep below before we reach the tipping point.
I didn’t bother to find out – there’s always someone with all the answers will be there to ‘save the day’, or so I thought.

And I told myself, ‘I don’t know what I don’t know.

Or, do I?

Doesn’t that sound like a valid reason? Yes.
Could that be an excuse? Also yes.

Earth Day has been here for more than half a century and climate change is not a new topic: use (and consume) only what you need; there are two categories of resources – renewable and non-renewable; humans and animals need oxygen to survive and plant produces oxygen – hence we need to save the forests that are so important to us by recycling papers etc. Recipes for sustainability has been shared for years, yet, we left the recipes behind as soon as we left schools.
So, do I really not know?

One day, I saw a magazine cover and I knew that I simply can’t look away anymore.
And it turned out, I knew.
I didn’t know everything – I still don’t (surprise!), but I knew I can play a part to protect the environment – our environment. I simply need to stop making excuses such as I don’t know, and look away pretending it isn’t my ‘problem’ to solve OR that I’m too small to make a difference.

I knew, didn’t I?

What’s your favorite day of the week?

So, I was on my way to work.

Then, I thought of renaming my site – this site (again!)

Background: I’ve always into acronym and stuff.. and also a routine kind of schedule? So I would ‘push’ myself to blog regularly? Then, I thought, how about “Tuesday Caffeinated Talk”? Cause Monday has too much blues and Tuesday is like the less-blue Monday, where people should be ‘working’.. plus, it was a Tuesday as I was having that thought.. But like within 5 seconds, I was like, wait a minute, there is another T in the week! What about Thursday?

Immediately, my mind started to list down all the reasons why Thursday should be the day:

  1. I needed a “T” for the acronym
  2. Thursday is one day before Friday, which is many people’s favorite day (this is NOT based on any statistic nor any scientific study.. It’s just my assumption).. So, it’s exciting to move into the favorite day.. and that’s what make Thursday an exciting day as well..?
  3. We survived 3 workdays to arrive on Thursday. It is an achievement.
  4. Thursday is the last working day of the week, sometimes – hurray to long weekends!

So, when the COVID-19 pandemic just happened, I remember having this discussion with my friends who are working in the HR department: why don’t companies just make it a 4 days work week? It can do all those things i.e. staggered working hours, separate teams, go back to office alternately.. It appears that it, the 4 days work week, isn’t the culture here. But, culture, or norm, is what the majority practices. Even if it is not the culture/ norm, why can’t we start a new culture/ norm? If anything the pandemic has taught us, is that when we are forced to, we can adapt to a new norm.

P/s: 4 days work week may sound like a fantasy to some, but studies actually shown that it produces happier worker, create a better work-life balance, and more importantly (in the business context) it increase worker’s productivity.

So yea, in my previous life aka life pre-pandemic, I don’t really care about which day of the week it is, because, I didn’t have a Mon-Fri work week, but now, I think my favorite day of the week is Thursday.

What’s yours?

I’m curious…

I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the internet for more than 10 years now, say since the Friendster era? Despite changing multiple platforms and trying to ‘define’ my blogging style – by choose to share or focus on no more than a few topic of interests (which I’m still trying to), I’ve always wonder who my audience are.

If you are reading this, would you be so kind to let me know who you are and what brought you to this post?

P/s: Another ‘transformation’ might be on it’s way.